Horse riding in Patagonia


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The horse rides in Patagonia

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This trip is aimed at riders who are not experts, but educated enough to handle the reins; knowing how to change gear, from walking pace to trot. You have to be especially conscious of the animal and to have confidence in it. Certainly there are gallops, but nobody is forced to take part, the horses are very independent.

The circuit Nature without Borders is ideal for people who are already experienced at horse rides of several days, whereas Volcanic Immersion is more comfortable. All the circuits were meticulously created to be like in your dreams. As a result, you will find in all cases a wonderful diversity of landscapes, of lakes, of valleys, of hills: of NATURE.

The Gauchos are the protectors of the Patagonia, to discover this amazing place with them is a rich and varied experience. SOLIECOL is based on the theory of multidirectional exchanges: between the tourists and the autochthonous, between you and the horses, between ourselves and the herds, between everybody and Ñuque Mapu, The Mother Earth in Mapuche.
Horseback riding PatagoniaTromen volcano in northern Patagoniaride a horse in PatagoniaPatagonian sky


Horse Riding
9 days including 7 by horse
(6 camping nights - 2 hostel nights)


 1500 euro per person

Chevre de Patagonie ciel de Patagonie Cabane de Gaucho Asado Gaucho


circuit Volcanic Inmersion

circuit Nature without Borders

22 to 30 october 2017

12 to 20 november 2017

26 november to 4 december 2017

13 to 21 december 2017
27 december 2017 to 4 january 2018
14 au 22 january 2018
FULL 28 january to 5 february 2018

18 to 26 february 2018

4 to 12 march 2018

25 march to 2 april 2018

8 to 16 april 2018

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