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SOLIecol = SOLIdarity


Charter of sustainable development - SOLIdarity

Gauchas from Patagonia


 Building a better understanding


About fifty families have joined the Soliecol project since its creation in May 2011. Its objective is the preservation of the Patagonian Gauchos traditional lifestyle; its ways are: the transmission of the knowledge, the exploitation of the resources, the humility of the people. The horse ride activity finances social actions, benefiting our community. So the tourists, by choosing us to realize their dream, allow us to defend our cause and bet on our capacity to share our lives.

Transmission of the knowledge: SOLIECOL is the fruit of the exchange of knowledge between a Breton young woman and numerous Patagonian Gauchos. They trained her in farming, she trained them in tourism; These exchanges upgrade every day in the contact of the participants of the project. The gauchos pass on the riders their need for freedom - by guiding them through extraordinary and endless landscapes -, their ability to live and make, their will to protect their land and their traditions. Workshops are organized during the horse rides to make their culture accessible: assimilation makes each of the actors progress in tolerance and curiosity.

Exploitation of the resources: we create jobs with strong profitability, besides guides, the systematic rent of horses, mules, material, benefits the participating families. The purchase of handmade crafts, of local food, allow to value a set of sectors constituting our social and cultural environment. We illustrate our theories by the practice of a proportional distribution based on the merit; we make a commitment to develop consciously and to perfect ceaselessly our offer.

Humility of the people: nobody in Patagonia sells horseback rides cheaper than ours. We calculated very precisely the value for money that we wanted to propose to the customer, we also established the condition comfort/disorientation sine qua non. We count a gaucho every two tourists, plus the interpreter, for a group restricted to six riders. In the shelters where we invite them, a fire and some "mates", an authentic atmosphere and many questions; here we meet the expectations of voluntary people who demonstrate, by their interest, their only presence, their support to our values.

Task distribution

The implementation of logistics adapted to the native culture guarantees a high-quality organization. Obviously, remunerations are fair and proportional to the work provided.

Some data to illustrate the distribution, for a typical journey, six riders during a week:

6 horses + 3 mules + 9 saddles = 18 renting
3 guides + 1 interpreter + 3 craftsmen = 7 jobs
+ 9 hosting camps + 2 guided tours

= 36 points

Every point corresponds to a sum of money distributed in exchange for a quality service, injected into the family economy.

Workshops "Transmission of Knowledge" during the horse riding

Holidays in Argentina
Our objective: to make accessible as much aspects as possible of our culture. To answer curiosities by demostration: how to cook empanadas, how to make a lasso? So, by explaining the work from the sheeps shearing to the sale of socks, we also pass on the reasons which oblige us: why the food sovereignty? Why the handcraft elaboration? To be understood: it is an absolute necessity to defend our lifestyle!

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