Horse riding in Patagonia


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Horse rides with gauchos in Patagonia

The expression of gratitude from those who came for a ride by our side motivates us more and more. We  deeply thank all these sincere and smiling riders for sharing with us in being part of this wonderful project.

Rica, Juanary 2017

Muchas gracias de corazon, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for a wonderful holiday which reconnected me with nature, with the beauty of a simple life, with importance on trust, reliability, authenticity and passion for life and work. Lina is not only a great tour guide, she is a wonderful communicator and organiser with attention to detail and strive to perfection to make this horse trip and cultural experience to an unforgetable one and most authentic one. I loved the vast landscape, the dry ruggedness, the strenght and reliability of our horses (going pathes I would not have dared by myself), the delicious meals at lunch and dinner (lamb, goat, stews, asado...) and not to forget the invigorating mate and filling tortas fritas. Thanks for organising all this, to give me the chance to experience Gaucho life in its beauty, simplicity and hardship, yet pride in work, land and animals. It truely opened my eyes.
I especially admire how much Lina has achieve with her NGO, running projects left right and center with so many local families, improving their lives in a dignified and self-driven way. Everywhere she goes people stop and chat, thank her, encourage her to come by to admire the latest change or products created from material Lina organised or initiated. She manages to improve peoples livelihood in a sustainable way, fair and innovative. I bow to her passion and initiative and hope she will receive all the support needed and more happy faces around, as well as her dream that the Gaucho lifestyle is there to enjoy for generations to come.


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